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Sprains, Strains and Broken Bones


If you’re experiencing pain, bruising, swelling, and reduced range of motion following an injury, there’s a chance you could have a sprain (an overstretched or torn ligament), a muscle strain (an overstretched or torn muscle or tendon), or a broken bone. Fortunately, if you’re in Glendale, CA, you can partner with Vituity Family Medicine Center for treatment.

You probably know that broken bones always require professional care. But what about sprains and muscle strains? Do you need to head to the doctor, or can you care for these injuries at home? We’ve got the answers you need below.

Should You Go to the Doctor for a Sprain?

Most mild sprains will heal on their own. Try taking over-the-counter pain medication and using the RICE—rest, ice, compression, and elevation—technique. But be sure to consult with a professional if:

  • You’re experiencing severe pain or swelling.
  • The area in question is numb.
  • You can’t move or put weight on the injured joint.
  • There’s a noticeable deformity.
  • You’re experiencing signs of an infection (for example, redness or warmth).
  • Your symptoms don’t improve within a few days or get worse.

Should You Go to the Doctor for a Pulled Muscle?

Like sprains, mild muscle strains usually heal on their own with the help of the RICE method. You should reach out to a medical provider if:

  • You’re experiencing severe pain.
  • The area in question is numb or tingling.
  • Your symptoms worsen despite trying at-home remedies.

Flexible Care for Your Convenience

At Vituity Family Medicine Center, we understand that what works best for one patient doesn’t necessarily work for others. With that in mind, we offer a wide array of treatment options. Our Glendale, CA, clinic is open monday through friday. Visit us today.

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