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School, Sport, and Camp Physicals

Sports and Camp Physicals Importance and Components

A sports physical, also referred to as a school physical or pre-participation physical exam (PPE), is essential for evaluating your child’s readiness and safety in sports or activities. These exams are typically required before starting a new sport, season, or participating in extracurricular activities. They play a crucial role in ensuring your child’s well-being and fitness for the specific activity.

During the physical exam, we conduct a comprehensive assessment, including a medical history review and a physical examination. The medical history review covers prior illnesses, allergies, injuries, family medical history, and medications your child takes regularly. It’s important to inform us about any incidents of passing out, dizziness, or chest pain during physical activity. This information helps us tailor our recommendations and provide personalized care to support your child’s safe participation in sports or camp activities.

Comprehensive Physical Exam Checklist

  • Measurement of height
  • Assessment of weight
  • Evaluation of eyesight
  • Measurement of blood pressure
  • Examination of ears, nose, and throat
  • Assessment of heart and lung function
  • Inspection of the abdomen
  • Evaluation of strength and flexibility

At Vituity Family Medicine, we are proud to offer comprehensive sports and camp physicals by appointment, ensuring a smooth and efficient process to provide proper proof of your child’s excellent health status.

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    School we Serve:

    We proudly serve a wide range of schools in our community, ensuring that students receive quality healthcare services. We are more than happy to extend our services and provide school physicals for students from any school. Our goal is to promote the health and well-being of all students, regardless of their school affiliation.

    • Glendale Community College
    • Glendale Adventist Academy
    • Woodrow Wilson middle school
    • Glendale High School
    • Allan F Daily High School
    • Anderson W. Clark High School
    • Eagle Rock Junior/Senior High School
    • Herbert Hoover High School
    • Benjamin Franklin Senior High School
    • John Marshall High School
    • PUC CALS Early College High School
    • Pacific Oaks College
    • College View
    • Crescenta Valley High
    • Verdugo Academy