Dermatology Glendale, CA

Dermatology Services in Glendale, CA

a woman who is having the skin on her face examinedAre you concerned about a lump, bump, or skin discoloration? If so, visit Vituity Family Medicine Center for answers. It may take weeks or even months to see a dermatologist, but we can see you quickly in our Glendale, California, clinic and can treat many skin conditions or help you understand whether that long wait is even needed. We offer same-day appointments so that you can get your skin checked out quickly and learn the best path forward.

Skin Exams & Minor Dermatology Procedures

When you visit our family medicine center, we’ll take a look at whatever is concerning you about your skin. Most skin blemishes are benign, but it takes a well-trained eye to identify those that could lead to more serious conditions, like skin cancer. If we see something concerning, we’ll refer you to a dermatologist for a closer look. Otherwise, our board-certified physicians can perform minor dermatology procedures, including removal of:

  • Warts – small, grainy bumps that are contagious yet harmless
  • Moles – common growths that are typically harmless but can become cancerous over time
  • Skin tags – benign growths of nerve and fat cells
  • Sunspots – discolorations that can be lightened with medication
  • Cysts – harmless growths that can be removed if causing pain or discomfort

A Physician-Owned and -Operated Family Medicine Clinic

Vituity Family Medicine Center offers dermatology services for the whole family. To make it as easy as possible to see a doctor for your skin, we accept same-day reservations at our clinic in Glendale, CA. Visit us today to experience personalized medical care for your dermatology issues.