Prevention is the Best Medicine

Antibiotics: Understanding Their Limits

In modern medicine, antibiotics have been hailed as miraculous drugs, effectively combating bacterial infections and saving countless lives. However, as our understanding of medicine evolves, it becomes increasingly clear that antibiotics have limitations that need to...

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Unmasking the Hidden Risks of Vaping on Your Heart

Vaping has surged in popularity, especially among the youth. As e-cigarettes and vape pens become more widespread, it's crucial to grasp their potential effects on our health, particularly our heart health.  Understanding Vaping Devices: Vaping devices, such as...

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Important Update: Over-the-Counter COVID-19 Antigen Tests

Stay informed on COVID-19 with the latest from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. If your organization needs antigen tests, fill out the quick request form. Shipments take up to 2 weeks, and most tests remain reliable beyond the expiration date,...

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