Cut and Laceration Treatment Offered in Glendale, CA

Picture of tweezers, medical tape, gauze, cotton swabs, and cotton balls on a metal tray.If you have sustained a cut or a laceration and it is particularly deep or jagged, contains dirt or debris, is located on your face, feels numb, or won’t stop bleeding even after you’ve applied pressure, you need professional care. Fortunately, if you are in Glendale, California, you can turn to Vituity Family Medicine Center for cut and laceration treatment.

How Long Does It Take for a Cut to Heal?

Minor cuts normally take about two weeks to heal, while more severe ones could require several weeks or even months of healing time. Some of the factors that can slow the healing process include:

  • Developing an infection (signs of infection include pus, red streaks, fever, achiness, and an overall feeling of being unwell)
  • Being at an advanced age
  • Having certain other medical conditions (for example, diabetes and high blood pressure)
  • Taking certain medications
  • Undergoing chemotherapy

If you are concerned about your healing timeline, be sure to eat a diet rich in vitamins A and C, zinc, carbohydrates, protein, and fats—doing so can help support wound healing. Also make sure to properly clean and dress your cut or laceration to reduce your risk of infection.

Do You Need Cut or Laceration Treatment?

Contact Vituity Family Medicine Center today to arrange a time to come into our Glendale, CA, clinic. You can reach us by calling (747) 212-3441. Once you arrive, one of our skilled providers will assess your injury, administer any necessary treatments, and supply you with directions on how to continue caring for your wound at home.