Sore Throat Treatment for Children in Glendale, CA

Picture of a doctor using a tongue depressor to look at a girl's throat.If your child has a sore throat, you can entrust their care to the experienced team at Vituity Family Medicine Center. We offer a wide range of pediatric care services to families in the Glendale, California, community—including strep throat diagnosis and treatment—and we’ll work hard to help your child achieve prompt symptom relief.

What Is Strep Throat?

In many cases, a sore throat is a symptom of strep throat, which is a type of contagious bacterial infection. In addition to a sore throat, strep throat symptoms commonly include:

  • Tonsil swelling and redness
  • White patches or streaks of pus on the tonsils
  • Small red spots on the back of the roof of the mouth
  • Neck lymph node swelling and tenderness
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Body aches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Rash

If we suspect that your child has strep throat, we may perform a strep test to confirm the diagnosis. This usually involves collecting a swab sample. If the test comes back positive, we’ll prescribe the appropriate strep throat treatment, which may include taking antibiotics, pain medication, gargling with warm salt water, drinking plenty of fluids, eating easy-to-swallow foods, using a humidifier, and resting.

Get the Sore Throat Treatment Your Child Needs

Don’t let your child suffer with a sore throat—call Vituity Family Medicine Center’s Glendale, CA, clinic today at (747) 212-3441. Our compassionate team will diagnose what’s causing your child’s sore throat and provide you with personalized treatment recommendations so that they can start feeling better as quickly as possible.